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About Mosaics

Stone plastic is an excellent material for the styling of bathrooms in the spirit of the ancient world or with a rustic note. Surrounded by smooth, uniform tiles, the multicoloured mosaics have an excellent appearance. Cut out from small marble, granite or limestone cubes (tesserae) and glued to nets, laid on floors and walls. Because of their vivid colouring and ornamental, geometric or floral patterns – we create multicoloured images or carpets with patterns from the Far East.

For the decoration of bathrooms the most frequently used materials are marble, granite sandstone and travertine. The hardest wearing of these, granite, is resistant to moisture, temperature changes, cracking or staining due to which it is an excellent choice for flooring. Less resistant marble is the most decorative, because of its wide colour range, veining, streaks, shadows and lustre it is most often seen in the form of large floor tiles, which are combined in a stone mosaic of geometric or floral designs.

Virtues of stone:

  • Very hard wearing material
  • Resistant to the action of water.
  • Decorative – giving rooms a splendid appearance
  • Abrasions and damage are barely visible
  • Traces of use do not disfigure it, but add charm and nobility of age
  • The majority of stones are easy to keep clean